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Recently, there was this argument on what type of foods are for losing weight naturally especially knowing fully well that the internet is now being flooded with series of food list acclaimed to be a form of dieting guide. That leaves me with the question – what food exactly is good to destroy body fat without causing any harm in the long run? Although food is the very reason behind why most people accumulate excess fat according to lean belly breakthrough eBook but still these same foods when taken rightly does the weight loss activities.

Here are some lists of superfoods that can support your weight loss goal:

Pear –

Packing and eating from a fruit bowl having pear as it main fruit can help lose pounds. A study carried out in University of Rio de Janeiro was published in a nutritional journal. In it, women who took 3 pears in one day get too consumed fewer daily calories & lose more weight unlike those who eat none. Pears are fiber-rich fruits, taking a single pear give your body 15% nutrients out of the whole 100% needed for the whole day. Taking or eating pears makes you fuller and encourages less demand for food that could make you add on. Pear should be taken before meal hours.

Grapefruit –

A research in Scripps Clinic right in California confirmed that eating ½ of a wholesome grapefruit before every meal could help achieve your weight loss goal, you could begin losing one pound every week. Ken Fujioka, who is a medical doctor also revealed that grapefruit contains a compound that supports the regulation of insulin in the body. However, whatever it is that regulates insulin in the body is also active with weight loss. Thus, Grapefruit should not be left out in this case; it could be taken as an accompaniment or even as whole fruits itself.

Almonds –

Consuming a handful of almonds every day with a healthy meal plan might assisting with making your weight loss effort successful. Almonds could be a part of your diet to achieve good weight loss result. You should understand that 22 pieces of almonds would make a serving. It could be added to yogurt or oatmeal.

Chocolate –

There are a lot of controversies affecting this superfood – chocolate. Although not all chocolate helps in this context, the Dark chocolate is really needed here. Having dark chocolate and some other foods rich in antioxidants can help your weight loss goal. They inhibit the gathering of fat cell within the body such that you are free from obesity and heart disease. Melting the chocolate in moderate quantity is highly advised.

Navy beans –

Navy beans are loaded with resistant starch, and this is a very powerful fat burner. Eating navy beans alongside some other foods rich in resistant starch per day helps with burning twenty-five percent more fat than you can imagine. You could saute diced garlic and onion in a pan of olive oil after you should add 2 cans of drained navy beans, serve after all.

Losing fat around the belly is a very rampant one now – The good news is that you can see the lean belly breakthrough eBook for a possible way out!!!