That can just depend upon your function. Along with your question is undoubtedly one of the very most debated one in the field of photography.
I’ve used all of the brands you just said. That includes a Sony P&S (W-Series, T series, S Series), Sony Prosumers (H-Series), Canon powershots, IXUS, Nikon Coolpix etc.
Sony has been for the attributes it gives on top. Comparing my 6Years old H5 to the brand new Canon SX show, I could easily commend Sony for Video, Focusing, color-retention etc.You may also like best vlogging camera also.
Nikon lacked the force of Sony but was better.

Best Vlogging Camera

best vlogging camera

For SLR cameras, it comes to goal.

I would advocate a Canon if your usage is studio-based or macros and style. Nikon is better suited for robust outdoor usage. I can say so because a $3000 Canon 5D Mk II looks more flimsy than my old $600 D40.
Both Nikon and Canon have outstanding line of lenses to suit your goal. Entry level Canons have marginally low-iso functionality than entry level Nikons.

As I work with both Nikon and Sony, this really is actually easy. Nikon is totally the best camera as far as optics… Nikon is an optics specialest. Sony is an electronics company. Thus, should you are willing to put up with all the truth that it isn’t the most easy to use and want high quality pictures, Nikon is the finest. In the event you’d like an easy, user friendly camera (Sony is better at applications) then Sony is your best option. I say Sony because most people are not professional photographers, and can use. In case you are a professional though, Nikon is the top of the line.For more information about cheap vlogging camera you can visit site.

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