Unless you have no interest in planning in planning and executing any event, you must have had some experience managing one. Although, most of the time it is not the job of a layman to execute, plan or manage events which is why event management companies even exist in the first place, however, sometimes events are not big enough to justify hiring a big event management company. In such situations, it is the responsibility of people like you and I who don’t do this work professionally, to make our event a successful venture.

How to plan a successful event?

Even better, if you’re trying to make career out of event management, there are some things we all must know. Let us delve into a few things which are crucial for the success of any event and which we all must follow if we are to entertain our audiences and guests.

Before The Event

  • Make A Check List Of Everything You Need To Do

It is always a good idea to know what you have to do. Discuss with everyone else who is a stakeholder in the event and make sure that there is nothing deterring you from knowing everything that you will either have to do or have someone else do beforehand. Of course it won’t be perfect, but it is better to have an imperfect list than none.

  • No How Many People Would Entertain Your Event

Knowing the total number of guests will make determining the targets and goals very easy for you. If you also know the duration of the event, then it is even better.

  • Plan Everything According To The Budget

Your budget will determine what kind of facilities you can provide at your event. The more you know about it, the easier it is for you plan everything practically.

  • Make Sufficient Amounts Of Food Available

Food and drinks should not be so excessive that you have lots leftover at the end. They should also be not too little for some people might miss out. This is why it is important to know the number of guests.


During The Event

  • Stay Available For Any Emergencies

If you are the primary organizer, you should be aware of what is unfolding throughout the event everywhere. This way, you will be in a better shape to deal with any emergencies.

  • Have Contingency Plans Ready

You can’t plan for everything, but you can have some contingency plans ready in case something goes wrong. This will help you avoid any failings in providing the guests a great time.

  • Make Sure There Is No Security Lapse

Security has become really important so be alert on this aspect and strictly advise your security personnel to follow all protocols without any exception.

  • All The Amenities Should Be Available

All the amenities such as food, drinks, any kind of entertainment, rest rooms, portable toilet hires, maintenance staff and others are available for your guests throughout the event.

After the event is over you should reflect on your experiences and make a note of every problem you faced so that you do not repeat your mistakes again for future events. This will make you a better prepared for future challenges.

I have been an avid follower of Roger Waters.  I have always wanted to be in there to see Roger Waters in concert whenever he performed live and I am able to get to his concert location. Never once I have felt bored when I sit through his concert and watch him perform to the best of his abilities. Even if I listen to the same set of songs over and over again I tend to feel the same electrifying sensation running through my nerves. Perhaps my mind and body are conditioned to the Roger Waters in concert by now.

Another Brick in the Wall – Roger Waters in concert

To me this song seemed to be anti system when I heard it for the first time. I started liking it may because I didn’t like going to school so much as listening to music. Then I heard “Time”. Then I felt somewhat skeptic about the concept of “shorter of breath and being closer to death” depicted in that song. Then one of my friends told me to listen to the song completely with an open mind. It was only then that I realized the inner meaning of the song.

Since then I have made it a point to read through every review of the Roger Waters in concert before coming to a conclusion about the concept of the songs he plays. This sort of open minded approach has given me immense options to enjoy his concerts with my heart.

Ça Ira Opera – Roger Waters in concert

When I saw Ça Ira for the first time I was unable to make out head or tail of it. The reviews of the Roger Waters in concert told me that it was all about the French revolution. Having no idea about the French revolution I started reading about that in depth. By the time I finished reading for about 1 month I had completely for gotten about Ça Ira. One fine day I happened to watch it once again on Youtube. Tom my surprise I was able to make out some sense from it for the first time. Then I started comparing the characters of Roger Waters in concert with the French revolution. Though I was unable to get a clear picture of the connectivity, I was able to get some concepts.

Later I read through many more reviews which spoke about the inner meanings of Roger Waters in concert Ça Ira. Now I am able to correlate the two concepts very clearly. One of my friends asked me about the fuss I was creating by getting into the comparative headache instead of just enjoying Roger Waters in concert. This is the beauty of it. When people see and listen to Roger Waters in concert they interpret him in their own unique ways. Some of them like me look at the inner meaning of each concert so that we can enjoy them better. Others like my friend watch Roger Waters in concert just to enjoy.